Three Ways To Communicate With Participants

Contest Discussion Message Board

These are comments added by Creatives or by the Contest Holder to discuss specific aspect or clarification related to the contest. These messages appear in the Discussion tab and are visible to everyone. Creatives can also decide to keep their comment private if they want only the contest holder to view it. In this case, if you reply to a private comment, only the original sender will be able to see your reply.

Entry Comments
These comments are made by users or by CH for specific entries. They are displayed next to each entry because this way, the Creatives or the CH can clearly see which entry the comment was about. If there is a comment for any entry, you will see a comment icon next to the entry. You can click on it to see the comment or respond to the comment. These comments are only visible to the Contest Holder, or the Creative who submitted the entry.

Private Messages
 Creatives can communicate with you by sending a Private message. The private messages appear on the top right of your page (with red message icon). You can also send a message to the creative by clicking on “Send Message” from their profile page.

By default, all comments posted on the contest page are visible to all users as well as contest holder. However, in the situation when you to send a message that you only want the contest holder to see, you can scroll down on their contest page to the bottom and select 'Send Message' on their About Contest Holder section.

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