How To Select A Winner 

You can select a winner during any time your contest is active, or once your contest has completed. On your Entries tab, go to the Entry that you would like to select as winner. In the Actions drop down, click on the Select Winner option. You will be asked for a confirmation, and once you confirm , the winner will be immediately selected.

Note: Once a winner has been selected, it can not be changed.

Can I Register Multiple Domain Names From A Contest?

Every entry submitted to your contest is owned by the person who originally created it until it’s paid for. You automatically own the entry that you select as the winner. If you intend to use other entries from the contest, you must compensate the contestants who submitted the entry. In case of naming contests, if you want to register additional domain names from your contest, you can do so as long as you pay a $50 bonus to the contestants who came up with the names. For example, if you register 2 additional domain names (in addition to the winning entry) from a contest, you must pay a bonus of $100 ($50 each) to the contestants who submitted those names. You can send a bonus to a creative the same way you selected a winner. On your Entries tab, go to the Entry that you would like to select as a bonus. In the Actions drop down, click on the Send Bonus option. A popup window will ask for your payment information.

Is There An Incentive For Declaring A Winner Early?

We strongly encourage that the contest holders select a winner as early as possible to recognize the hard work of our contestants. If you select a winner within 5 days of contest closing, you will immediately receive a credit that equals 10% of the package price you paid for the contest. This credit can be applied for any future contest that you launch at Squadhelp.

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