Squadhelp guarantees that a winner will be selected for every guaranteed contest (see exceptions below). Even for contests that are not guaranteed, we collect the payment in advance from the contest holder and escrow the payment until a winner is selected. As soon as a winner is selected by the contest holder, the award amount is immediately transfered to the winner’s account. You can take a look at our Winners page to see all the winners for our previous contests.

A non guaranteed contest can be cancelled at the request of Contest holder if they do not like any submissions from the contest. In that case no winner will be selected from the contest, and the contest holder will receive a refund as per our Refund policy.

A guaranteed contest can be cancelled under the following circumstances:

  • If it is determined by Squadhelp that the contest payment was incomplete, fraudulent or the Contest Holder violated Squadhelp's Terms of Service
  • Contest was created in a wrong category or there was an error while creation of the contest. 

If a contest payment is refunded due to reasons above, the contest will be cancelled and no winner will be selected in the contest.

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