Congratulations on winning a contest! Your next steps are simple, please complete the items on this checklist before requesting a payout:

W9 or W8-BEN Form

Before requesting payment, you must send us your W9 or W8-BEN form. You only need to send this form once. This can be sent to us using our chat bubble (located in the bottom right corner) or emailed to

For users outside the US we require a recent billing statement and a gov't ID. Read more about these requirements here

PayPal Account and Payoneer

We currently allow PayPal and Payoneer as the two payment methods to pay our winning Creatives. 

PayPal Account 

When you are requesting a payout, you are asked to provide your PayPal email_id Squadhelp will then transfer your winnings to that PayPal account.

In order to protect the integrity of our platform, we require a confirmation that your PayPal account status is 'Verified'. To verify your PayPal account you must log in, and confirm that your account status is 'Verified'.

Once we have received and verified your documents, your payout will be processed up to 10 business days. For the next payout it will be a shorter time of 1-3 business days.

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