What is Squadhelp Domain Marketplace

Squadhelp Domain Marketplace allows creatives to monetize their previously submitted entries by listing them for sale in our Domain Marketplace

How Does It Work?

Creatives can nominate any of their previously submitted entries from your “My Entries” page. If your name is approved, Squadhelp will deduct 500 points from your account, and will pay for the domain registration. Your name will then be listed for sale in the Squadhelp Domain Marketplace section. 

Squadhelp will advertise these names to those customers who may be looking for a name but are not interested in the contest format. 

You will also be able to continue to submit these names in future contests, if you would like. 


How does it benefit the creatives?

  • This allows you to protect your high-quality names from potential registration by anyone. 
  • Squadhelp will not only pay for the domain registration costs, but will also invest in ongoing marketing/advertising to increase the visibility and likelihood of selling these names. 
  • You have the option to continue to submit the name in Squadhelp naming contests. 
  • If someone purchases the name from the  Domains marketplace, you will be credited with a $300 award to your account. Note: The $300 award is subject to the 10% transaction fees that are applied on payouts. 
  • If you submit the name to a contest, and it is selected as a winner, you will receive the award amount associated with that contest. (For example, if the award amount for the contest is $100, in that case you will only receive $100 award instead of $300). 
  • If you also allow Instant Recommendations on your previously submitted names, your domains will also be recommended to relevant contests (with award amount of $200 or higher). If your domain is selected as a winner for that contest, you will receive the award amount associated with that contest. 

How long will my name be listed for?

  • Squadhelp will pay for the first year of your domain registration costs. If the domain does not sell within a year, Squadhelp reserves the right to not renew the domain registration. In that case, the domain registration will expire and the name will go back to the open pool of available domains. In that case, it will also be removed from Domain Marketplace at that time.

What price would customers pay if they buy the name?

  • All names will be listed for a fixed price of $599 on Squadhelp Domain marketplace. This price also includes validation services that will be offered by Squadhelp (e.g. Trademark and Linguistics Analysis by a licensed Trademark attorney, Domain transfer to the customer, etc). 
  • Squadhelp may also list the domain for sale on external domain marketplaces. In those cases, the list price of the domain may be different than $599 (to account for additional marketing costs and third party commissions). If your domain is purchased in an external marketplace, you will still receive a fixed award of $300 in your account. 

Can I list this name for sale in other marketplaces?

  • No. Since Squadhelp will be the owner of record for the domain name, you will not be able to list it for sale in other marketplaces. 
  • What happens If I submit the name to a naming contest which offers a lower award?
  • You are allowed to submit the name to any contest. In that case, if your name is selected as a winner, you will only receive the award amount associated with that contest. For example, when you submit the name to a bronze package contest ($100 award), you will receive the $100 award if your domain is selected as a winner. 
  • Once your name is selected as a winner in a contest, it will be automatically removed from the Domain Marketplace section. 
  • Squadhelp will handle the domain transfer to the contest holder, at no extra cost to you. 

Other Terms

  • Squadhelp makes no guarantees that your domain will sell in Domain marketplace. 
  • Squadhelp reserves the right to remove your listing from Domain Marketplace section at any time, for any reason. You will still have the ability to continue to submit that name in naming contests. 
  • Your account must remain in good standing (i.e. not suspended) in order for you to be eligible to receive the payout related to your Domain Marketplace sale. 
  • The amount will be credited to your account after the successful transfer of the domain name to the customer. This process can take anywhere from 5 to 15 days after the sale. 

Does this mean Squadhelp is becoming a domain marketplace?
Absolutely not! Naming contests are the core focus of our platform, and they will continue to be. The Domain Marketplace section is for those customers who are not comfortable in the contest format. This section will only offer a small amount of hand-picked and highly curated names for different industries. In addition, this feature allows additional monetization opportunities to creatives, as well as protection of their names.

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