Instant Domains is a feature which allows creatives to sell their names to potential customers. 

Read more about how it works here. 

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to You (the creative), and Squadhelp. 

  • Squadhelp reserves the right to approve or deny your Instant Domains submissions
  • If your Instant Domain submission is accepted, Squadhelp will deduct 500 points from your account. 
  • Squadhelp will register the domain name for your entry and as a result will be the owner of record for that domain name. Therefore, you will no longer have the ability to list that domain for sale in other marketplaces (outside platform). 
  • Squadhelp will register the domain for a duration of 1 year. At the end of first year,  Squadhelp will decide whether or not to renew the registration of the domain. If the registration is not renewed, the domain registration will expire automatically.
  • Squadhelp will not be able to transfer the domain ownership back to you under any circumstance. If the registration for the domain is not renewed by Squadhelp, the domain will be automatically released by the Domain registrar to the open market. 
  • If a customer purchases the domain, Squadhelp will deposit $300 into your account after successful transfer of the domain name to the customer's account. 
  • Until the Domain Transfer is complete, the customers have the ability to cancel their purchase. In that case, the customer's payment will be refunded and you will not receive any compensation. The Domain name will be relisted for sale in Instant Domains section. 
  • As long as the domain has not been sold to a customer, you are allowed to submit that name in other contests hosted on
  • In the event you submit the name to a Squadhelp contest, and it is selected as a winner, you will receive the award amount for the contest as the compensation. For example, if the award amount for the contest is $100, you will receive $100 credit in your account (not the $300, which you would have received if the domain was purchased from the Instant Domains section)
  • Your account must be active and in good standing at the time of domain sale in order for you to receive the compensation. 

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