When submitting an open (unregistered) domain to a contest, there is always the possibility that this domain will be registered by the CH or someone else. 

Based upon our most recent data, less than 0.1% of names have been reported as be registered after submission to a contest. 

However, if you are concerned about the risk of your submitted domains being registered, you should protect your best names by adding them to your My Owned section. You can also submit your favorite names to Instant Domains--and if they are approved, Squadhelp will protect them by registering the domain. 

If you wish to eliminate the risk completely, you always have the option to refrain from submitting entries to Squadhelp Contests. 

Our Role 

The role of SH in situations when a domain is registered within 30 days of its submission to a contest is to ask the CH if they registered the name and to remind them of their payment obligation in cases where they confirm that they registered the name. 

Our Process

With respect to Naming Contests, we have a standard process in place to support Creatives if one of the names they submit to a contest is registered while a contest is active, or shortly thereafter.

If you find that your name has been registered after submission to a contest, please follow these steps to report your domain registration. 

Once we receive a report of domain registration, we follow the below outlined process:

  1. We send a notification to the Contest Holder (CH), asking if they registered the name, and reminding them of their commitment to compensate the creative if they registered the name - this notification is sent regardless of whether or not the “Who Is” information of domain name matches the CH, or there is any other indication that the name was registered by the CH. 
  2. A pop-up notification is placed on the CH's contest page, and the CH is prevented from selecting a contest winner and closing the contest until they have contact us about the reported domain.
  3. If the CH acknowledges that they registered the name, we reserve the right to pause the contest until a bonus is sent by the CH to the creative, or a refundable deposit is sent to SH (which would be payable to the creative if a different winner is selected). If the CH ends up picking the same name as winner, the deposit will be refunded back to the CH. Alternatively, if the CH is not interested in keeping the name, they have the option to transfer the domain to the Creative who submitted it to their contest.

We will not make any exceptions to this policy.

More than 100,000 names are submitted to SH platform on a  monthly basis. It is always the case that a percentage of these names will get registered after submission to a contests. We never automatically assume that if a name has been registered, it was done by the Contest Holder - as good names are being registered across the globe on a daily basis. 

It is impossible to independently verifying if a domain name was registered by the CH, because these registrations are done in third party websites. 

Any public or private accusations that a CH is using your URL will not be tolerated, as these accusations cannot be confirmed and are in blatant contradiction of our goal of being a positive and supportive community. 

Important Notes:

  • If the reported domain was entered in multiple contests, we only send the notification to the CH of the most recent contest (Note: Squadhelp does not encourage creatives to submit names across multiple contests, as we strive to deliver unique names that align with a CH's Naming Brief).
  • In order for us to activate this process for a registered domain, it must be reported within 30 days of submission to a contest. (We will also begin this process after the 30 day time frame, if there is evidence that the CH registered the domain [e.g. a matching Who Is record]. Use the blue chat button on any page of Squadhelp.com to report a domain registration after the 30 day time frame.) 
  • If the registered domain is a minor variation of the winning name, it does not qualify for a bonus. For example, if the winner of a contest is Squadhelp.com,  minor variations such as Squadhelp.net, TheSquadhelp.com, Squadshelp.com, etc., do not qualify for a bonus even if they were submitted by other creatives, because it is assumed that most businesses would end up registering these minor variations after selecting a name for their business.
  • All creatives have the ability to see contests where a domain registration has been reported by anyone else. This can be done by selecting a filter on Active Contests page. You can click on “Reported Domains” checkbox on the bottom left section of the Active Contests page. Please note, that the same name could be reported in multiple contests. For example, there have been cases where the same name XYZ.com was submitted by a creative in 35 contests. If it was reported in all contests, all 35 contests will show a reported domain.
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