Contest Holders

Instant Recommendations are a benefit of Gold and Platinum Level Squadhelp Contests. The program is built on a Suitability Algorithm that will analyze many data points--including past and current name ratings, contest industry, name style and type, and much more--to recommend awesome and relevant names from our database of nearly 5,000,000 submissions. Now, Contest Holders will not only engage with our community of more than 60,000 creatives, but also have the added support of AI and Machine Learning.


To participate in this program, opt-in through the Account Details section of your SH account. Your previously submitted names will be analyzed for participation in this program.

This program is ideal for those Creatives who may have previously submitted a lot of entries, but do not have the time to participate in every new contest. Instant Recommendations will submit your names on your behalf, offering the ability to potentially win new contests without explicitly entering those contests. You can still submit standard entries to those contests. (Automatic Recommendations will not count against your entry limits.)

So how does it work?

Squadhelp Creatives have submitted nearly 5 million names through our platform. Instant Recommendations is part of our broader Naming Genome Project, a sophisticated technology that evaluates "characteristics" of previously submitted names using several factors (such as business category of contest, style of name, type of name, country of contest holder, ratings received in previous contests, etc.).

Instant Recommendations determines potential winning names for new contests. Recommendations will be offered to contest holders in a specific tab, with the ability to "import" any of these recommendations to the main contest entries tab. Once a recommendation is imported, it functions as a standard entry--it can be rated, sorted, and chosen as the winner of a contest.

Frequently Asked Questions - Contest Holders

  • How do I get the Intellectual Property Rights for names shown by Instant Recommendation? You must select that name as the winner of your contests, or award a bonus of no less than $50 to the Creative who submitted the name.
  • Why can't I see instant recommendations in my contest? Your contest must be purchased using Gold or Platinum package and should offer a Guaranteed award. Currently this technology is in Beta phase, and not all contests will see the recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions - Creatives

  • If my name is currently in an active contest will it be eligible for Instant Recommendations? No. It will not.
  • What if the same name has been entered by multiple creatives? We will recommend names based on a Suitability Algorithm, which will consider such things as CH rating, original contest type, name classification, and more. The same name submitted by multiple Creatives will be "tagged" differently in the system. The algorithm will recommend names based on these unique "tags," which are linked to one creative, who will be the winner if the name is selected.
  • Can I protect my names? If you have names that you want to protect, we recommend using the My Owned Domains feature in your account.
  • Will I be able to see where my names were recommended? Since these recommendations are dynamic, you will not be able to see which of your entries were recommended in which contest.¬†
  • How will I report any Domain Registrations? The Report domain registration feature is only available for contest entries that were submitted to the contest. This feature is not available for instant recommendations, unless the CH moves the entry to their contest entries section.¬†
  • Who will see Instant Recommendations? Contest Holders who sign up for a Guaranteed Gold or Platinum Squadhelp Contest will have access to this feature.

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