Squadhelp offers a Managed Contest Service option to Contest Holders who are looking for an "Agency" like experience. In a managed contest, our SH Branding Team's role begins with a Branding Consultation with the CH to discuss their business/product/company. We then assist them with writing their project brief.

The CH has full control and capabilities of their contest at all times. Ratings and comments are given by both the CH and our SH Branding Team. We rate entries based on the knowledge and understanding of their brand which they have discussed with us. The CH goes through the rated entries and provides feedback or makes changes to ratings if they see fit. 

We provide the CH with daily updates, we discuss entries and ratings that were given. Based on the feedback from the CH, we then narrow in on a focus for the direction of the contest and post that info in a public message to all contestants.

Included in Managed Contest Service 

Initial Branding Consultation by a SH branding consultant, who will discuss the CH's business/product/company. 

Professional Brief Creation by SH Branding Team: SH Team will write a professional project brief to ensure the best participation and outcome in your contest.

Shortlisting of entries by SH Branding Experts SH Team members will assist you in managing your contest by rating entries, as well as providing ongoing feedback to the Creatives. 

Daily contest communication with Creatives SH Team will provide you with a daily progress report on your contest and will consolidate all feedback and comments for your review.

Expected entries 800-1000, complimentary extension of timeline if you receive less than expected number of entries.

Pricing starts at $799  Prize paid to the winning Creative at the end of the contest ($200). This amount is already included in your package price.

Features Included In Managed Service

Tier A Creatives, Team Management Capability, Featured on Homepage, Hidden from Search Engines, NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).

Ready to get started? Still have a few questions? Contact us via email service@squadhelp.com or by phone (844) 447-7823.

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