Squadhelp offers a Managed Contest Service option to Contest Holders who are looking for an "Agency" like experience. In a managed contest, you receive all the benefits of a Platinum level contest. In addition, a Squadhelp branding consultant works with you throughout your project. 

Our Branding Team's role begins with a Branding Consultation with you to discuss your business/product/company. We then assist you with writing your project brief based upon our proven best practices.

Once your contest is live, we review all entries, provide feedback to the creatives and provide daily updates to you along with our shortlisted entries that best match your contest brief. You will have access to your dashboard page to see all the submissions at any time, however most of the contest management will be done by the Squadhelp branding consultant. 

Having worked with over 12,000 companies for their naming projects, our team has accumulated several best practices to get the most out of our platform. We apply all our best practices to ensure your project results in the best outcome. In addition, we coordinate all validation aspects of your branding project (such as Audience Testing and Trademark validation with a Licensed Trademark Attorney)

Included in Managed Contest Service 

Initial Branding Consultation by a SH branding consultant, who will discuss the CH's business/product/company. 

Professional Brief Creation by SH Branding Team: SH Team will write a professional project brief to ensure the best participation and outcome in your contest.

Shortlisting of entries by SH Branding Experts SH Team members will assist you in managing your contest by rating entries, as well as providing ongoing feedback to the Creatives. 

Daily contest communication with Creatives SH Team will provide ongoing feedback to the creative community to keep your project on track and get the best participation. 

Daily contest update:  SH Team will provide you with a daily progress report on your contest along with a recommended shortlist of entries and any other feedback.

Platinum Package Features:
All features that are included in the platinum package including the highest award amount ($300) to the creative. 

Expected entries 600+, complimentary extension of timeline if you receive less than expected number of entries.

Price:  $999  This includes the Prize amount paid to the winning Creative at the end of the contest ($300). Additional savings available on Bundle packages (e.g. Name + Logo)

Still have a few questions? Contact us via email service@squadhelp.com or by phone: (877) 355-3585.

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