At Squadhelp, creatives who receive high ratings on their submissions earn points. They earn an even greater number of points for earning a bonus or for winning contests. Points are given to recognize and reward those creatives who continue to submit well thought out, high quality submissions to contests. The overall objective of the point system is to improve the quality of entries being submitted and to reward our high performing contestants with additional benefits. 

Following activities and events result in accumulation of points:

  • Entering a Contest:  +5 Points
  • Winning a Contest: +100 Points
  • Winning a bonus from contest holder: +75 Points
  • Receiving a “Love It” rating from contest holder: +30 points
  • Receiving a “Like It” rating from contest holder: +20 points
  • Receiving a “Right Track”  rating from contest holder: +3 points

In order to see your points activity, you can go to My Account and click on “My Points”.  Here’s a direct link to your Points Activity.

Creatives who earn points receive additional privileges such as the ability to participate in contests early

They can also use their points to highlight up to 2 submissions per contests as “Best Entries“, which can increase their chance of winning a contest.

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