Squadhelp offers a way for Creatives to protect their high quality names. You can now register domains for your own names and submit them in naming contests. Located in your My Account page there is  "My Owned Names" section. On this page, you will be able to tell us about the names you already own.

When you submit those names to a contest, our platform will bypass the domain availability check. The CH will be able to see that these names are owned by you and that you are willing to transfer the ownership to the CH in case your name is selected as the winner.

Please note that you can not ask for any additional compensation (in addition to the contest award amount) for that name.

We will, however, allow reimbursement for your original domain registration costs (up to $15). This must be discussed with the CH if they select your name. Since this is a new feature, please feel free to contact our Squadhelp team, we are happy to help with communications between creatives and CHs.

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