Squadhelp is a Crowdsourcing platform where customers receive custom name ideas for their projects from Creatives like you.

What makes an awesome name suggestion?

  • Name ideas that align with the contest brief
  • Name ideas that are easy to say and pleasing to hear 
  • Name ideas that are easy to spell
  • Name ideas that are original and created by you

How to develop strong name submissions

Name Submission Recommendations 

Don't Mix Types

  • A Phrase should not have a Misspelling (Squadhelp winning name Next Comes Love, would not be recommended as Next Comes Luv or Next Comez Love.
  • A Blend should not have a Misspelling (AdvantEdge is a great blend. AdventEdge and NuAdvantEdge are not).
  • Double Blends don't make good names (AddVantEdge)

Spelling and Phonics

  • Blends should not use words that are difficult to spell (a word like Acquiesce is probably not great for blending).
  • Misspellings should be slight and easy to recognize. Lyft and Flickr are strong names, Lyphtt and Flikrr are not. 
  • Misspellings should not look like true mistakes. Conect and Acheive are not strong name suggestions. Anything that resembles a common spelling mistake will not make a good name. 
  • Names with multiple misspellings are typically not strong name ideas.
  • Names, especially abstract names, should not have ambiguous pronunciation. Most vowels have multiple expressions. In a name like Dravona, the "on" sound could be pronounced like it is in "Don" or "won". Name submissions with this issue should be avoided. 
  • If your name submission uses Greek roots, stick with ones that are phonetical like Cata and Deca, instead of Chronos (pronounced Crow-know-ce) and Eidos (pronounced ... I'm not sure). This is true for use of any foreign language words.
  • If you use a made-up word--an abstract name--it must sound really nice and be phonetic (Itorix.com).


  • If you use blends, the two words must be obvious. Here's a blend that does not work: Creating a name for an aggressive first-person-shooter video game by combing Armageddon and Bloodbath--ArmBath.com. On the other hand, here is a great blend that is easily understood--Knowplicity.com.
  • Typically, numerals are not recommended for brand naming; although, companies in some industries can get away with it.

Ongoing Resources 

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