While a vast majority of our contests result in a highly successful outcome, there can be situations where you are not too thrilled about any submissions. In those situations, we offer several options: 

  • A Complimentary Contest Consultation: You will work one-on-one with our branding consultant to (1) discuss your project, (2) hone your brief, and (3) learn contest best practices--helping you get back on track.

  • A Complimentary Contest Extension: We will extend your contest at no additional cost, so you can receive even more submissions by providing additional feedback to the community. 

Partial Refund Option: 

Our Gold and Platinum packages also include a Partial Refund Option. If you have purchased a Gold or Platinum Package and are not happy with the results, simply contact us via email within 3 business days of the contest end date. We will refund your contest award amount as long as the following conditions have been met.

Qualification for Partial Refund:

  • At least 50% of the entries were rated by the Contest Holder.

  • Contest Holder provided sufficient feedback to the contestants while the contest was active (e.g. Public Messages and Entry Comments)

  • The contest award is not Guaranteed by the Contest Holder

Important Notes:

  • Bronze package contests are non-refundable. For Bronze contests we offer complimentary contest extension of timeline and complimentary contest consultation.

  • Guaranteed Contests are non-refundable. Per Squadhelp's Terms of Service, the award amount must be distributed to the Creative Community if you have set the contest award as Guaranteed. 

  • Listing Fees are non-refundable. For example, if you purchase a Gold Package for $449 and do not guarantee the contest award, you will receive the $200 award amount as refund. Similarly, in case of platinum non-guaranteed contest, you will receive $300 as partial refund. 

  • If a Contest Holder does not select a winner within 30 days of the contest end date, Squadhelp will automatically award the prize amount, as per our winner selection policy

  • If a Naming contest receives less than 100 submissions through the full course of the contest, it is entitled to a full refund (even if it offers Guaranteed Prize)

  • If a Design contest receives less than 20 designs through the full course of the contest, it is entitled to a full refund (even if it offers Guaranteed Prize)

  • Any unused feature (i.e. Trademark Validation, Audience Testing, etc.) in a package or bundle is not refundable

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