Sending Messages To Creatives

As a contest holder, you have the ability to sent a private email to any or all Creatives in your contest. Simply open your contest page and click on the “Message” tab. Providing constructive feedback is the best way to improve participation in your contest. Learn more about tips on how to provide great feedback!

Who Would You Like To Send A Message To?

After you click "New Message" a popup window will appear. Here you can select from a few options:

Option 1
 Select All Creatives to send a public message to all contestants participating in your contest. The message will be displayed on your contest message wall for all Creatives to see.
Option 2
 Select Specific Creatives to send a private message to a specific Creative participating in your contest.
Option 3
 Select Specific Entry to add a private comment on a specific entry that was submitted to your contest. Only you and the Creative who submitted the entry will be able to see the comment.

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