What Makes Squadhelp Unique?

Learn more about why Squadhelp is the world's #1 naming platform!

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Squadhelp offers a unique combination of Crowdsourcing, AI and agency-level validation features to help companies come up with a perfect name. 

You can get custom names through our contest process our explore our expert curated marketplace that unique, hand-picked brand & business names for sale

Here are the top 5 reasons that make us the world's #1 naming platform:

1. Largest Creative Community

We have the largest naming community, consisting of more than 100,000 naming experts across the globe. Over 70% of our creatives are located in the United States. Whether you are naming a Real Estate business, a Food brand or a Tech Startup, our platform allows you to get a large breadth of name ideas from creatives who have experience and interest in your specific industry. 

2. Advanced Quality Scoring & Brainstorming
Using an advanced Quality Scoring Algorithm, we ensure that you receive more ideas from our top-quality creatives. All our creatives are ranked based upon the quality of their past work, and their participation in contests is determined by their overall ranking in the platform. 

Here's an in depth article explaining our Percentile Ranking Score. 

In addition, we also use Gamification best practices to encourage high-quality brainstorming and two-way communication throughout your contest.

3. Advanced AI Technology
We have built sophisticated AI technology that analyzes millions of names submitted to our platform and offers personalized recommendations as well as smart alerts via a dashboard that proactively guides you throughout your contest life cycle. Our AI technology helps us better understand your brand preferences, and guides the creative community to come up with targeted name suggestions based upon those preferences. 

4. Agency-Level Services
Our high-end validation services help you choose your name with confidence. 

5. Top Rated By Customers
Squadhelp has consistently maintained an overall customer satisfaction rating of a 4.9 out of 5 stars in the industry by thousands of customers who have used our platform. Check out a few of our testimonials and reviews to understand our customer’s past experiences as well as the reviews on Shopper Approved:

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