Squadhelp offers an installment plan on several domains listed for sale on our premium domain marketplace. 

After securing the first payment we transfer the domain to our Escrow account and allow you to update the DNS settings of the domain. The domain will be held by Squadhelp managed registrar account until the full purchase price is paid. Once we've secured the complete purchase price, we'll assist you (the buyer) with gaining full control and ownership over the domain.

Here are the specific terms for installment plans:

  1. You agree to pay the installment amount (once a month) until the full purchase price for the domain has been paid. 

  2. After your first installment has been made, Squadhelp team can assist you in updating the name servers to the hosting provider of your choice. 

  3. Until the domain has been fully paid off, the domain will be held by Squadhelp in a Squadhelp owned registrar account (managed by Squadhelp team).

  4. The domain will continue to be visible on Squadhelp.com website with a "Sold" status. Once the domain has been fully paid off, the domain listing will be removed from Squadhelp.com website.

  5. If Squadhelp is unable to bill your credit card for an installment payment that is due, you will have an opportunity to provide an alternate payment method and make that payment within 10 days of the installment due date. 

  6. Failure to make an installment payment within 10 days of the installment due date will result in a cancellation of the domain purchase, and the Buyer will forfeit any installments payments that have been paid until that time. In this scenario, the domain will be listed for sale again on Squadhelp marketplace and the name servers of the domain will be updated back to Squadhelp name servers. 

  7. For the avoidance of any doubt, the installment payments are not refundable under any circumstance. 

  8. While a domain is on a payment plan, it can not be used for any unlawful activity including any activities that may be considered Spam, Phishing or Deceptive services. Engaging in such practices can result in immediate Termination of payment plan.

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