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Marketplace Domain Installments - Terms for Sellers
Marketplace Domain Installments - Terms for Sellers

What happens if your domain is purchased with an installment plan

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Squadhelp offers an installment plan on several domains listed for sale on our premium domain marketplace. 

As a seller, you have the ability to enable or disable the installment option on all your Premium and Standard Marketplace domain listings. 

  • When a buyer purchases a domain on an installment plan, it will no longer be available for sale to other buyers. 

  • Squadhelp will move the domain to an "Escrow" account. For seller-owned domains, you will be required to transfer the domain ownership to Squadhelp once a customer has purchased the domain on an installment plan. 

  • The maximum duration of an installment plan is 24 months (for domains priced above $10k), however, the buyer can choose shorter durations. In some cases, SH may only offer installment plans for either 6 or 12-month durations (depending upon the selling price). 

  • After the first installment has been made, the Squadhelp team will assist the buyer in updating the name servers to a hosting provider of their choice. 

  • Until the domain has been fully paid off, the domain will be held by Squadhelp in the Escrow account. Sellers have the option to offer early payoff discounts to buyers to pay off the balance.

  • If Squadhelp is unable to bill the customer's credit card for an installment payment that is due, they will have an opportunity to provide an alternate payment method and make that payment within 10 business days of the installment due date. 

  • If the buyer is unable to pay the remaining installments on the domain, buyer will forfeit any installment payments that have been paid until that time.  In this scenario, the domain will be listed for sale again on the Squadhelp marketplace and the name servers of the domain will be updated back to Squadhelp name servers. In the case of seller-owned domains, the sellers will have the option to request the ownership of the domain to be transferred back to their account. 

  • Squadhelp will cover the renewal costs for .com domains while they are held in Squadhelp's registrar Escrow account. However, for any other extensions (other than .com), the seller would be responsible for the renewal fees while the domain is held in Squadhelp's Escrow account.

The seller will receive compensation as per the following schedule:

  • The seller will receive their portion of installments on a monthly basis (within 5-7 business days of SH receiving each installment payment from the customer).  

  • If the installment plan is cancelled for any reason, Squadhelp will pay the seller as per the approved commission rate (based upon the amount collected so far). For example, a customer purchases a domain (listed for sale for $1600) in 4 monthly installments ($400 per month). If the customer only pays the first two installments, Squadhelp would have collected $800 from the customer. If Squadhelp's commission, in this case, is 30% of the selling price, the seller will receive 70% or $560 into their account if the domain purchase is cancelled at this stage. The domain will be listed back on sale on Squadhelp marketplace at this stage. 

  • In case of any refunds, the seller will not be eligible for any compensation for the refunded portion of the payment. 

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