At Squadhelp, we understand that sellers sometimes want to swap their domains to other sellers. We make it extremely easy to transfer your listings to a different seller's account. 

Here is how: 

  • From your Marketplace Listings page, click on "Transfer Domain". 

  • Provide the screen name and  user ID of the receiving seller. (Note: if you do not have this information, ask the recipient to provide this info to you)

  • Once you submit this information, our system will check to make sure that the information matches the other seller's account. The listing ownership will immediately move to the recipient's account and the recipient will be notified via email. 

Important Notes: 

  • You can only transfer domains that you own. You can not transfer SH registered domains. 

  • Squadhelp does not handle actual domain transfers. This action only results in changing ownership of your marketplace listing to the recipient's account. You would need to coordinate the domain transfer directly with the seller. 

  • The recipient must have at least one domain listed in SH premium domain marketplace in order to accept a listing transfer.

  • The recipient must agree to the Marketplace Terms in order to take ownership of the listing. 

  • Once this action is initiated, it is not reversible, unless the recipient agrees to transfer the ownership back. 

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