You now have the ability to showcase your entire SH domain portfolio on your website, and it takes less than few minutes!  Here's how:

  • Go to your Marketplace Listings page. 

  • Click on "Embeddable Catalog Widget"

  • In the popup, you will see a small piece of code that you can copy and paste to your own website page. 

  • You also have the option to include all your Basic and Basic plus listing in your catalog widget. 

  • The best part is that you earn affiliate commissions whenever someone makes a purchase or launches a contest after clicking on a name from your website. Even if the customer buys a name that does not belong to your catalog, you will still earn the affiliate commission! Learn more about our Affiliate Program.  

  • Your catalog comes fully loaded with a search function as well as several filters that buyers can use to find a great name! 

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