Squadhelp now offers an ability for domain sellers to sell their domains at wholesale prices to other domain investors. 

How Does It Work?

  • From your Marketplace Listings Dashboard, you can now set a wholesale price for your Premium Listings or Standard Listings. 

  • If a Wholesale price is set, the domain will be visible in a special Wholesale Marketplace, which is only visible to authorized wholesale buyers. See the criteria below for qualifying as an Authorized Wholesale Buyer. 

  • The wholesale buyer will be able to purchase the domain at the Wholesale price set by the seller. 

  • Squadhelp will keep the funds in an Escrow account, and transfer the ownership of the Listing to the wholesale buyer. 

  • Once the buyer confirms the transfer of domain by seller, they can close the transaction, and the seller will be paid the funds as per our commission structure (see below). 

  • In case of Squadhelp Registered domains, the domain will not be transferred to the wholesale buyer. Only the Marketplace listing ownership will be transferred to the buyer. Since the commissions on SH Registered domains are typically lower, please be careful while purchasing Squadhelp Registered Domain Listings. 


Squadhelp Commissions: 5% of selling price

Listing Commissions

After purchase, the Marketplace listing will continue to be visible in the wholesale buyer's account. All commission terms will continue to stay the same as the original seller. 

For example, if the domain was approved for 35% Squadhelp Commission, the domain will continue to be listed with 35% SH commission with the new buyer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Authorized Wholesale Buyer?

There are two ways to become an Authorized Wholesale Buyer. 

a) Automatic Qualification

Your SH account automatically qualifies as an Authorized Wholesale Buyer if you meet any of these conditions: 

  • Minimium of 10 approved and live premium listings in SH Premium domain marketplace 

  • Minimum of 3 approved and live listings in SH Premium domain marketplace, PLUS a Tier A creative status. 

  • Minimum of 3 approved and live listings in SH Premium domain marketplace, PLUS one or more contest wins. 

b) Manual Qualification

If you do not meet the automatic qualification criteria above, you can manually apply to become an Authorized wholesale buyer, as long as you have a minimum of 3 approved and live listings in SH Premium domain marketplace. In this situation, you must send us additional supporting information that shows you are an active Domain Investor. For example, you can send details of your NamePros account, or link/screenshots that show your active domain Portfolio. 

An approval is entirely up to SH's team discretion. Also, your account must stay in Good standing at all times to retain this status. 

If I purchase a seller owned domain in the wholesale section, will the domain ownership be transferred to me?

Yes. The seller will transfer the domain ownership to you based upon your transfer instructions (You can opt to receive the domain in the same registrar or request an Auth Code). Please note that it is against our policy to acquire domains from wholesale marketplace with an intention to remove them from SH Premium Marketplace. Squadhelp may revoke your access to wholesale section if the names are removed within a short period after being acquired from wholesale marketplace.

If I purchase a SH Registered domain in the wholesale section, will the domain ownership be transferred to me? 

No. Only the Marketplace listing will be transferred to you. The Domain ownership will continue to stay with Squadhelp. If the domain sells, you will receive the commission from the sale (which is typically 25% but can be up to 35% in some cases). Therefore, while buying a SH Registered domain from the wholesale section, we do not recommend paying more than $25-$30 for these listings. 

If the seller refuses to transfer the domain after payment, how will SH handle the situation?

As a buyer, you will have an opportunity to approve the transaction (after the seller has transferred the domain to you). Until that time, we hold the seller's funds in an Escrow. If the seller does not transfer the domain to you, simply let us know and we will communicate with seller on your behalf. If the domain can not be transferred to you, you will receive a full refund for your payment. 

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