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All Marketplace sellers must follow these rules for their listed domains on SH Marketplace

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Squadhelp's Marketplace offers a great opportunity for creatives and domain investors to sell their premium domains to retail buyer (end users). In order to keep your account in good standing, please ensure you follow these rules at all times (for detailed Terms, please refer to the Terms for Marketplace Sellers): 

  • All marketplace listings are exclusive to Squadhelp. You must point the Name Servers of your domains to Squadhelp at all times, while your domain is listed at Squadhelp. 

  • In case of seller owned domains, you are allowed to remove your domains from Squadhelp at no cost, by giving a 30 day notice (as long as there is no active or pending offer for your name). If the domains haven't received any inquiries during last 30 days, and they were not listed for sale on any external platform, we can reduce the Delisting notice period to 7 days. Your domains must continue to point to SH name servers during this notice period. Note: Frequent or rapid delisting of your domains can result in limits on your account (since SH makes upfront investment in designing a Logo as well as promoting your domains). 

  • No direct negotiations with buyers or contest holders. All pricing negotiations or discussions must be handled by the SH team. You are not allowed to engage in direct pricing discussions with buyers (for example, by using contest messaging feature). As an exception, negotiations are allowed with Authorized Wholesale Buyer in the Wholesale Marketplace. 

  • Refusing to transfer your domain to the buyer after your domain has been purchased is a Direct violation of our Marketplace policies. 

  • Any registered domain submissions must be owned by the seller at the time of submission. You are not allowed to submit names that are currently pending auctions, or are not currently owned by you. The only exception is that you can submit "Unregistered Domains" as long as you select the Unregistered option while submitting the domains.

Sharing Your Domains on Third Party Websites

  • Premium Listings: For your premium Marketplace listings, you are not allowed to post "for sale" messages or listings on third party/ public websites (e.g. NamePros, AfterNic etc). If you would like to sell your domains to other sellers, you can take advantage of the private Seller to Seller marketplace hosted at Squadhelp. 

  • Sharing your completed sales on third party websites is allowed. However,  please list your domains in a fashion that hides them from Google searches. For example, "A/W/E/S/O/M/E/N/A/M/E dot com" instead of

  • You can promote your names on social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) as long as those posts point to the domain landing page on 

  • You can embed your own Portfolio, or the entire Squadhelp Marketplace listings within your own website by taking advantage of the Affiliate Widgets offered in our Affiliate Program. 

  • Domain Logos in SH Marketplace are intellectual property of Squadhelp. As such, sharing those logos on third party sites is only allowed if proper attribution is given to Squadhelp (and the links in those posts must point directly to the domain landing page on ). 

  • Mentioning "Squadhelp" brand name while selling your names in third party sites is not allowed. For example, posts such as "Squadhelp approved names for sale" in third party sites are not allowed regardless of your listing status with Squadhelp. 

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in immediate action (such as immediate limits on your account, delisting of your domains, and in some cases, account suspension). 

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