Our Brandable Domain Marketplace is designed to use smart analytics to deliver the best sell-through rate throughout all listed domains. Here are some things that you can do to help increase your overall sell-through rate while also increasing the visibility of your domains. 

1. Use the Marketplace Boost Feature and Available Squadhelp Tools:

By boosting your domains, you can significantly improve the ranking within a specific timeframe. 

If your name currently ranks low in the Marketplace, this is a great way to move the position substantially higher. 

Two ways to boost your domains:

  •  Standard Boost (Requires 500 Points)  

This increases the relative rank of your domain by several pages. Your domain may not move all the way to the top of the marketplace, but should result in a significant improvement in the position for the next 7 days (especially if it currently ranks low in the marketplace). To boost your name, you can use Squadhelp points (gain points for successful participation across other areas in our platform). 

  • Super Boost (Requires 2000 Points) 

This moves your domain all the way to the top 3 pages of the Marketplace. An exact position is not guaranteed but your page will likely be visible in the top 3 pages of the Marketplace for the next 7 days after submitting your Super Boost. 

Use boosting to gain momentum on increase visibility on your domains over time! Always remember the long term effect of more visibility is an increase of sales but also the ability to get more shortlists which will compound and potentially result in even more visitors. 

2. Add discounts from time to time

Every time you add a discount to your name, it notifies all recent buyers who had expressed an interest in that name. This assists with additional exposure and puts you in the minds of previous visitors. Adding discounts is a great way to reconnect with prospective buyers!

You can add discounts to your names in your Marketplace dashboard:

3. Use proper capitalization 

Our search algorithm automatically extracts keywords from your names. For example, if you submit the name: “CannaMed.com”, the name will be searchable for both the keywords “Canna” and “Med”. However, if you submit the same name as “Cannamed.com”, it will not come up in search results if someone searches for “Med” as a keyword. 

See some examples of the correct way to capitalize names below:

4. Add possible uses and keywords

In order to further enhance visibility, we recommend selecting three possible uses and three keywords for each domain that you have listed. Proper tagging helps buyers find the names that they are excited to purchase. 

When uses and keywords align correctly with each of your listed domains, your domains are more likely to get discovered by customers who will shortlist or purchase them. This leads to long-term and short-term benefits, increased visibility and more sales -- respectively. 

See some examples below:

Possible Users and Keywords can help your domains get discovered especially when prospective buyers are using these three search methods to explore the marketplace:  

(1) Direct Searches 


(2) Category Filters

(3) Keyword Filters 

5. Add a good description

Including a good description, along with a few popular, relevant industry keywords will improve your domain’s overall visibility in search results. Compelling descriptions increase the amount of shortlists a name receives, which will also increase the name’s visibility. 

Match the description to the name style. Fun names can have playful and fun descriptions. Sophisticated names will do best with professional and classy descriptions. While emotionally powerful names should strive to expand on the emotion already elicited in the name. 

6. Promote your names and marketplace page

By promoting your names and portfolio on social media, you can generate additional interest in your names. Our algorithm looks for signals that indicate buyer interest, and it automatically boosts the ranking of domains in our marketplace as the name receives higher levels of interest. 

Promotion leads to more people on your page and more potential for sales! We recommend testing and trying new social strategies to gain more exposure and sales. We are excited to see what you can discover!

Here are a few examples of effective social posts that Squadhelp has created:


Beyond your individual names, promote your entire Squadhelp Marketplace portfolio. Each creative has a marketplace page that contains all of their domains listed for sale. You can find this by going to your public profile. 

Just like you should promote your domain names for sale on social media, find ways to promote your Marketplace page! If you advertise your marketplace page, visitors can see all of your domains in one accessible place.

There are many outlets to promote your page. Social media, Quora, online forums, and more. It’s those who figure out new ways to promote who win! 😃

7. Request a visual image of your name

Lifestyle images can greatly enhance the discovery and buyer interest in your marketplace domains. Not only does an attractive image add additional context to the name, there are several marketing campaigns that we run that are focused on these visual images including landing pages that get high traffic as well as paid advertising campaigns. 

Adding lifestyle images to your name portfolio can allow you to benefit even more from our ongoing promotion of the Marketplace. 

There are three ways to get a complimentary lifestyle image for your names:

  1. Our internal branding team automatically selects several domains from our Marketplace each month and designs a complementary lifestyle image for those names.
  2. Share the details of your overall SH marketplace experience, or recent domain sales on a third party Domaining website such as NamePros. After posting, send us a link or screenshot of your post via email (service@squadhelp.com) or Chat. You will then get Image Credits that you can use to request a new lifestyle image for a domain.
  3. Points/Coins

8. Submit your names to contests

Hundreds of companies (from startups to large enterprises) run naming contests with Squadhelp in search of the perfect name for their venture. 

Squadhelp Contest Holders have invested in the naming process. By submitting your highly-relevant Marketplace names (based on the project brief), you increase the visibility of your names with prospective buyers. Also, if the names get likes or shortlists within a contest, your Marketplace ranking can also be boosted. 

(However, it’s important to read the brief carefully and only submit highly relevant names. Briefs will tell you a lot about what the client is looking for, including the style and ideas they are trying to align with. So, if a Contest Holder asks for classic names that refer to mythology, scour your listings for names that fit.)  

Since the Marketplace names submitted into a contest are discounted for that contest holder, you have an even greater chance of selling your name (these discounts are funded by Squadhelp by applying the contest award towards the purchase of the domain).

9. Allow other creatives to submit your domains 

One of the benefits of Squadhelp platform is that we host hundreds of naming contests every month with customers ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies looking to name their brands. 

You can now get your Premium domains in front of our Contest holders by allowing other creatives to submit those names to the contests.

How does it work?

From your Marketplace Dashboard, click on Seller Preferences

From this page, Under "Submission to Contests", you can allow other creatives to submit your premium domains to naming contests.

How do payments work?

If your name is selected as the winner, the creative who submitted the domain will receive the full contest award.  

If the customer purchases the domain, you will receive your full payout based upon the selling price and commission rules for that domain.


Following these best practices will help you get the most out of our platform through increased visibility and a higher sale through rate. 

We encourage you to become an expert user of our marketplace platform and are excited to continue working with you towards our success together!

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