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Upload Your Own Logos To Marketplace
Upload Your Own Logos To Marketplace

Learn about how you can upload your own logos for your domains in premium domain marketplace

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SH designs a complimentary logo for all premium domains listed in SH marketplace. As an alternative, you can qualify to become eligible to upload your own logos for your domains. 

How Do I Qualify? 

  • Send a sample of 2-3 logo designs for your names listed in SH Marketplace. You can share these samples via Chat or via email (

  • Squadhelp team will review your logos and may approve your account to upload your own logos. 

  • If your account is approved, you will be able to see a link to upload your own logo in your Marketplace Listings page.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All logos must be designed as Vector logos using Adobe Illustrator. 

  • Your logos must continue to meet our criteria outlined in the Logo Guidelines below. 

  • Any design or graphic elements used in the Logo must be original, and free of any clipart, stock icons. 

Logo Design Guidelines

  • The logos must follow a minimal, clean and modern design format. 

  • A subtle use of icon is recommended however the graphic elements should not be too distracting. 

  • Do not include ".com" inside the Logo. For other TLDs, if it improves the readability, it is ok to include the extension inside the logo.

Other  Guidelines

  • Do not use any clipart

  • The Logo must be original and should not copy an existing design

  • Use of any gradients or other means to call special attention to the logo (e.g. Textures, Patterns etc) is not allowed. 

  • There should be no other text/ tagline inside the Logo (other than the name)

  • We encourage using background colors, however the colors should not be too distracting.

Logo Dimensions

We require the Logo in two dimensions (in order to make sure that the name can also be promoted in our Advertising campaigns).

  • 750 X 450 Pixels

  • 800 X 800 Pixels

  • You must also upload the .AI file while uploading your Logo

While designing the Logo, ensure there is enough space around the edges of the Logo. 

Important Terms

  • When your domain is purchased, you agree to Transfer any rights into the Logo to the Buyer at no additional cost

  • You authorize Squadhelp to use your Logo for display on as well as on other channels for Marketing and Promotions

  • SH team will review uploaded logos, and reserves the right to reject any logos. In addition, the SH team also reserves the right to disqualify your account from Logo uploads. The decision of SH team can not be challenged.

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