In order to maximize the discovery of premium domains, we recommend adding a catchy description to your domain and adding other searchable information (such as Possible Uses, Emotions, Root Words etc). 

You can handle all aspects of classification yourself, or outsource this task to professional writers from SH community, using our Premium Domain Classification Service.  

The Premium Domain Classification Service is a Beta offering, and it costs 4 Coins per domain. This service includes:

  • Writing a catchy and professional description for your domain
  • Classification of possible uses, emotions, root words, name styles by following SH best practices
  • A complimentary Logo Redesign if you are unhappy with the Logo initially created by SH team

How do I take advantage of this service?

When your domains have been approved by SH, you will now see an option to "Approve All Domains with SH Premium Classification Service". Selecting this option will immediately publish your domains after deducting the appropriate number of coins from your account. 

The classification will then be handled by our community of professional writers. 

How do I get a complimentary Logo Redesign?

You can request a Review for your domain and select "I am not happy with the redesign". If your domain was published using the premium classification service, you will see an option to select a complimentary redesign for the Logo. Selecting this option will automatically approve your logo redesign request and your request will be sent to the Logo designer along with your feedback.

Who will work on my domain classification?

Currently this is a Beta feature, and all classification will be handled by professional writers within SH internal team. However in future, SH may allow creatives from SH community to apply and get paid for this task. 

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