Squadhelp offers the ability for domain owners to transfer the ownership of their expiring domains to SH instead of dropping them.

This option is only beneficial if you are considering dropping some of your domains (because you do not wish to pay for the renewal fees). Instead of dropping those domains, you can request an “Ownership Transfer” to SH. If approved, your domain will continue to be listed at SH and SH will begin paying for renewal fees. If the domain sells, you will receive the commission as per the SH registered domain rules (which is typically 25% during the first year).

Here are the specific Terms and Rules related to this feature:

  • SH May or May not approve your request for transfer of ownership. If your request is not approved, your domain will continue to be listed with original commission rules. 

  • If your request is approved, you agree to transfer the domain to Squadhelp account (Transfer instructions will be provided upon approval)

  • Once approved, your domain will follow the rules for "Squadhelp Registered Domains".  If the domain sells within the first year, you will receive 25% of the selling price.

  • Once the domain is transferred to SH, it can not be transferred back to the seller in the future. 

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