Properly classifying your domains can play a significant role in improving the discovery and selling potential of your domains. Based upon our research, a properly classified domain has a 4X chance of selling compared to a domain that is not classified. 

Here are some things that you can do to help improve your overall sell-through rate while also increasing the visibility of your domains.

1. Use Proper Capitalization 

Our search algorithm automatically extracts keywords from your names. For example, if you submit the name: “”, the name will be searchable for both the keywords “Top” and “Acumen”. However, if you submit the same name as “”, it will not come up in search results if someone searches for “Acumen” as a keyword. 

This is because our search algorithm only matches inside words when they are capitalized. This is to avoid any "false positives". For example we do not want "" to show in search results when someone searches for the word "Men" but we do want it to appear when you search for Top or Acumen.

2. Add Root Words for Each Domain

Our AI algorithm recommends names to customers based upon several factors. One of the important factors it considers is the underlying root words. For example, if a customer explores the domain "", our AI algorithm makes the following recommendations to the customer:

As you can see, many of these names are based upon root words such as "Peak", "Infinity", "Surge" etc. 

Therefore, you must add at-least 2 or 3 root words for each domain to "train" our AI algorithm about what words the name is based upon. It will also improve the discovery of the domain when a potential customer searches for any variations of those root words. 

3. Add a Primary Category and Possible Uses

In order to further enhance visibility, we recommend selecting a primary category and upto three possible uses for each domain that you have listed. Proper tagging helps buyers find the relevant names within the categories they are interested in. 

When categories align correctly with each of your listed domains, your domains are more likely to get discovered by customers who will shortlist or purchase them.

4. Add a Good Description

Including a good description, along with a few popular, relevant industry keywords will improve your domain’s overall visibility in search results. Compelling descriptions increase the amount of shortlists a name receives, which will also increase the name’s visibility. 

Match the description to the name style. Fun names can have playful and fun descriptions. Sophisticated names will do best with professional and classy descriptions. While emotionally powerful names should strive to expand on the emotion already elicited in the name. 

Here are some examples of descriptions that follow our best practices:


Following these best practices will help you get the most out of our platform through increased visibility and a higher sale through rate. 

We encourage you to become an expert user of our marketplace platform and are excited to continue working with you towards our success together!

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