The Cloud Broker program offers an additional way to promote your domains, at no extra cost to you. 

How Does It Work?

  1. As a Domain Seller, you can opt into this program from your Marketplace Preferences page. 

2. Authorized Cloud brokers will submit a proposal directly to you, and will offer some details on how they plan to promote your domains. 

3. You can pick one Cloud Broker for your portfolio from the pool of applicants.

4. Once selected, the Cloud Brokers will handle the outbound sales, buyer outreach, submission of your names to relevant contests as well as other promotions for your domains. 

4. The Cloud Brokers will receive a dedicated link to promote your domains. 

6. The Cloud brokers will also be able to submit your premium domains to Squadhelp Contests. 

7. Squadhelp will track all visits and sales from the dedicated link, as well as from the coupon code. 

8. For any sales that are generated within 30 days of clicking the unique link,, SH will pay 15% commission to the Cloud Broker (max $1000 per sale). 

9. If the domain was submitted to a contest by the Cloud Broker, and is selected as the winner, the cloud broker will receive the full contest award. If the domain is also purchased by the contest holder, the cloud broker will receive the greater of contest award amount or 15% commission (max $1000). 


Is there any additional cost to Sellers?

There is no additional cost to sellers. All domains listed in Premium Domains Marketplace are eligible for this program. Any commissions offered to cloud brokers are paid directly by SH. 

Can I choose more than one Cloud Brokers Per Portfolio?

At this time, you can only choose one Cloud Broker for your Portfolio. 

Can I change my Cloud Broker?

We recommend working with your cloud broker for at-least 12 months. Any changes to cloud broker will require a 30 day notice because the cloud broker may have invested time and effort in promoting your domains. If you would like to change the broker before 12 months, please contact SH and we may approve your request depending upon the situation.

How Do I become a Cloud Broker?

In order to become a cloud broker, please send an email to In the email, please also include some details about your experience in selling brandable domains and what approach would you use as a broker. 

This is a Beta program, and we may change the Terms of this program based upon our initial learnings. 

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