Contest Holder Map & Guide

  1. Contest Holder Points As a Contest Holder, you earn points for staying engaged and providing feedback to the creatives. This determines your overall participation level, which is visible to the creatives. You can also convert these points into a discount, which you an apply to your future contest (such as Logo Contest, or a Tagline Contest). Learn more
  2. Messages Inbox Here you can navigate to your Inbox where you can read any messages sent to you by Creatives. 
  3. Notify Contestants As a Contest Holder, your most important role is the management of your contest. The success of a contest depends on your constant and ongoing feedback given to the Creatives. The Notify Contestants feature allows you to post public messages on your contest message board. This feature is extremely helpful when providing any useful feedback to Creatives. Learn more about Communicating with Creatives
  4. Edit Contest You are able to edit your contest at any time. If there is something new you would like to include in your project brief, click on Edit Contest and simply add it to your brief! 
  5. Pause Submissions If you need to pause your contest at any time, simply click the Pause button. Creatives will not be able to submit entries until you have un-paused your contest.
  6. Read Me Tab Here you will find important tips and guidelines regarding your contest. Read more about the rules of Squadhelp here.
  7. Brief Tab This tab is where you will find a write up of your project brief. This is what your brief looks like for Creatives when they visit your contest page.
  8. Entries Tab As a Contest Holder, you will spend most of your time on the Entries Tab. Here you will find all the entries submitted to your contest by Creatives. You can provide feedback to Creatives by giving ratings and commenting on entries. Other features like Buying a Domain, Selecting a Winner, Sending a Bonus, Checking for Trademarks, and Sending a Message are found here. 
  9. Messages Tab By default, all comments posted on the contest page are visible to all participants in a contest. There are three different types of messages you should know of, Public Messages, Private Messages, and Entry Comments. Learn more about Communicating with Creatives.
  10. Contestants Tab Here you will find a list of all the Creatives participating in your contest. From this tab you can click on Creatives to navigate to their profiles.
  11. Team Members Tab Squadhelp offers a Team Management Feature which allows Contest Holders to invite additional team members to manage a contest. Your colleagues or team members will also be able to rate entries, as well as communicate with Creatives so you can manage the contest as a team! This feature is included in our Platinum Package but also available to add as an additional feature for $49. 
  12. Contest Info In this section, information about your contest is listed here for Creatives to see. The prize award is listed at the top followed by the time remaining in your contest. All contests by default are Private Contests, meaning that the Contest Holder is the only person allowed to see any entries. If a contest is open or closed it will be displayed here. Lastly, Creatives will be able to see if the contest is a Guaranteed Contest or not.

Should you ever need help or have questions about Squadhelp our team is available to assist you at any time. We are happy to help, simply chat with us by clicking the blue circle in the bottom right corner to open a chat window!

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