January 29 - February 4

Updates to Marketplace Logo Design Process

This updated feature allows bonus payments to designers, the ability to 'unassign' a design, and early access.

Learn more here: https://discussion.squadhelp.com/t/updates-to-marketplace-logo-design-process/9789

January 7 - January 14

Replay User Sessions and Explore Heatmaps for WLM (Beta)

This new feature allows you to replay user sessions and explore heatmaps to gain insights into how buyers are engaging with your WLM.

Learn more about this feature here.

January 1 - January 7

Auto Category Assignment

Being able to assign categories to your domains can help improve visibility and your sell-through rate by getting your domains in front of the right people.

Our AI technology is now able to automatically suggest categories that you can assign to your domains.

Explore the tour now to understand how it works: https://www.squadhelp.com/marketplace-dashboard?product_tour_id=194317

December 3 - December 9

Additional Marketplace Exposure on Partner Websites

We have begun partnering with several branding agencies, Venture Capital funds, Accelerators, and other service providers in the startup ecosystem to add this catalog to their own websites.

Squadhelp will handle all aspects of purchase, customer service, and payment collection. We will also pay a commission to our partners for any sales originating from their websites.


December 2 - December 3

Scheduled Price Increases

We are excited to announce a new feature that will allow sellers to schedule price increases for their domains. These price increases can be scheduled once every 6 months for each domain, and you can increase the price by up to 25%.


November 16 - December 2

Ability to communicate with Logo Designers

We are pleased to announce the ability for sellers and Logo designers to communicate with each other. We believe this change will significantly improve the quality of the Logo Designs.


November 9 - November 16

AI-Based Smart Recommendations For Your Domain Portfolio

By utilizing our innovative AI technology, we are excited to offer new personalized recommendations for your domain portfolio to help increase your domain exposure!

November 3 - November 9

Revenue Generating Landing Pages

We are excited to announce our Revenue Generating landing pages. You can now earn a commission from your landing page’s Type-in Traffic which results in a sale. You will earn a 10% commission from the SH share of commission for the sale (max $500)


October 26 - November 1

All Domains Marketplace

We have added the addition of a new All Domains Marketplace 31 which provides a fully searchable collection of all domains listed at SH as well as SH powered White Label Marketplaces.


October 19 - October 25

Extended Installment Plans

We have now added the ability to configure installment plans at the portfolio level. Moreover, we also now allow up-to 24 months of installment options for domains priced above $10K.


Flexible Review Process

You can now choose how your premium name submissions are reviewed (e.g. Expert Review process or SH team).


October 12 - October 18

AI Based Smart Categorization

We can now automatically detect and suggest categories for your domains based upon browsing activity of potential Buyers. Learn more here:


October 4 - October 10

Additional Customization Options for WLM

Based upon feedback from this thread, we have added additional customization options for WLM. You can now control how much SH Branding to include in your WLM Marketplace landing pages. Simply change your preferences in your Settings page.

Advanced Caching Options

We have added an advanced level of caching technology which will greatly speed up the load times of your landing pages (both for WLM and Premium). If you see certain changes not reflecting on your landing page, you can simply "Clear Cache" from your Marketplace Listings page, or from your WLM settings page.

Upgrade Old Premium Listings with Coins

If you have premium listings that were added prior to introduction of Coins feature, you can now upgrade them to receive additional benefits


September 27 - October 3

Introducing: Annualized Sell-through Rate Metrics

Based upon feedback from our seller community, we have introduced a new metric that provides a clear view into your annualized sell-through rates. Learn more:


Domain History Checker

We have added a tool that allows you to search a domain's history in SH platform. This can be helpful if you would like to check if a particular name was previously rejected on SH platform. You can also see if the name has previously received any contest loves.


Upgrade Standard Listings to Premium Listings

You can now upgrade your Standard Listings to Premium Listings. 1 Squadhelp coin is required for this upgrade. If your domains are approved, they will receive the following benefits:

  • Lower Selling Commissions (30% or Less)

  • Prioritized and Faster Review Times

  • Ability to List In Afternic Network

  • No Submission Limits

September 21 - September 27

Buyer's Email and Phone number now available in WLM Offer Center

If a buyer makes an offer for a WLM domain, they will now have an option share their information with the seller. In that case, the Buyer's name, email and/or phone number will be visible in your offer center.

Major Update to Listing Types (Standard & Premium)

We have simplified our Listing options to "Premium" and "Standard" and added additional features and options for Standard Listings. Learn more about these types:



September 14 - September 20

Brand New Offer Center is Live

We have revamped the Offer and Inquiry Center. Now you can view several insights about the buyer (e.g. their Location, when were they last online etc). In addition, you can message back and forth directly with the Buyer for WLM domains. You can also communicate directly with the SH team for your Premium Domains.

The Offer Center will also provide real time updates on the current status of the Buyer.

September 7 - September 14

White Label Feature (Ranking) Priority

You can now set custom ranking order for your White Label Domains. This allows you to show your preferred names on the homepage of your Marketplace, as well as on the top of your listings.

Learn More: http://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/en/articles/4456288-set-custom-ranking-for-your-white-label-domains

September 1 - September 7

Variable Commission Model

Premium Domains Commissions are switching to a variable commission model in order to better align the commission % with the final selling price.

Learn More: https://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/en/articles/4393509-variable-commission-model-premium-domains

New Payment methods added (Crypto & Wire Transfer)

Buyers can now make payment for their Marketplace domains via Crypto as well as Wire Transfers.

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