Squadhelp.com offers two types of listings for your domains:

  • Premium Listings
  • Standard Listings

Watch the video below for a walkthrough of the differences between Premium and Standard listings:

1. Premium Listings

Premium listings are curated by Squadhelp, and are featured in our Premium Domain Marketplace. Here are the main benefits of Premium Listings:

  • Extremely high exposure due to massive Advertising by Squadhelp
  • Curated Collection (your domains will need to be reviewed and approved by Squadhelp team). Currently, we only accept about 10% of submitted domains to the premium section
  • Ability to submit domains to Squadhelp Contests: You can submit your premium listings to our ongoing naming contests, which allows you to get your names in front of end users who are hosting a naming competition.
  • Complimentary Logo Design: Your domains receive a complimentary logo design, created by professional Logo designers within the Squadhelp community
  • Access to many other Premium Benefits: Your domains qualify for several premium benefits such as Cloud Broker Program, third party contest submissions, AI recommendations etc.

2. Standard Listings

Standard listings provide you a low commission option to add modern, mobile friendly landing pages for any of your domains . These listings do not require any approval by Squadhelp, and include several benefits:

  • No Listing Fees & Low Commissions: Pay 7.5% commission when domain sells
  • No Exclusivity: List your domains in any platforms outside Squadhelp
  • Complimentary Lifestyle Images: Add beautiful lifestyle images to your domains with our Visual image technology
  • Visibility in Standard Marketplace: Your domains will be visible and searchable in our "All Domains Marketplace", providing additional exposure.
  • Option to add Retargeting and Contest Submission: You have the option to add Exposure upgrade, which includes your domains in Squadhelp advertising (Retargeting) as well as ability to submit the domains to Squadhelp Contests. This feature requires a small upfront fee ($3) or a change in SH commission.
  • 24x7 Chat Support for End Users: All visitors to your landing page will receive 24x7 Chat support, as well as Email and Phone support
  • Ability to offer your domains via installment plans
  • Ability to setup a custom branded white label Marketplace (WLM) for your domains

Here is a chart that compares the benefits between Premium and Standard Listings:

Additionally, we has recently announced our new Revenue Generating Landing Pages. With this offering, you can earn referral commission by pointing your domains to SH.

If a buyer comes directly to your landing page by typing your Domain URL, we will keep track of the buyer's visit and their purchase activity for 7 days by storing a "Cookie" on their computer.

If, instead of purchasing your domain, the buyer purchases another domain from our Marketplace (belonging to another seller), you will earn a commission.

Read more about this offer in our in depth help article.

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