An important aspect of improving discovery of your brandable domains is to assign the relevant "Possible Uses" to them. This way, when a buyer is looking for a name for a particular category, your name can be included in Search results as well as our AI recommendations.

However, if you have a large portfolio of 100s or 1000s of domains, it is not easy to think of all the possible categories. Brandable domains can often be a great fit for multiple industries. For example, you may assign "Health & Wellness" category to one of your domains, but you may not realize that the name can also be a great fit for the "Organic" category.

Now, our AI technology can automatically detect additional categories that your domains may be a good fit for. Here's how it works:

As buyers browse our Marketplace, they leave explicit and implicit signals about the industry they are interested in. As they explore different names, our AI technology can start detecting patterns of additional "Possible uses" for your domains based upon buyer's primary interest.

For example, a buyer may view your name after exploring several names in the "Organic Food" category. In that case our system may automatically detect "Organic Food" as a possible category for your name. As a result, your name will now be included in search results and recommendations for other buyers who are also interested in "Organic Food" names.

In other words, you are indirectly letting the buyers categorize your names on your behalf, and our AI tech is using that data to make smarter recommendations for future buyers.

The result - more exposure for your names to the most relevant buyers.

How to use this feature?

Go to your Smart Category Recommendations page, and accept or reject recommendations that are made by our Smart Categorization. When you accept the recommendations, those additional possible uses will be added to the existing list of possible uses that are already assigned to your name.

Additionally, we are excited to announce our new Revenue Generating Landing Pages.

This process allows you to earn referral commission (10%) by pointing your domains to SH. If, instead of purchasing your domain, a buyer purchases another domain from our Marketplace (belonging to another seller), you will earn a commission.

Be sure to review our in depth help article for more information.

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