Personalizing your domains is an important step towards getting your name in front of the right people. This idea directly correlates with logo designs.

We are pleased to announce the ability for sellers and Logo designers to communicate with each other. We believe this change will significantly improve the quality of the Logo Designs and help you, the domain seller, get a logo design you're excited about!

How To Get Started

Go to the “My Logo Designs” section from your Marketplace menu.

On this page, you can rate the logos as well as share any feedback that will allow the designers to improve their future logo designs.

You can provide feedback to logo designers by selecting 'Pending Logo Designs' and click 'Send Message to Designer':

You can rate completed logos by selecting 'My Completed Logos'.

Why This Is Important

This process overall allows the designers who consistently receive higher ratings to work on more logos for your domains. The designers who receive lower ratings will be limited in the amount of logos they can design.

We encourage rating as many Logo Designs as possible. When Logo Designers achieve high ratings, they receive special benefits such as increased limits and early access. In addition, we will soon be announcing additional bonus payments to reward our top-rated designers!

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