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Learn how you can use Squadhelp API to manage your domains in the Marketplace

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What is Squadhelp API?

Squadhelp API offers the ability for sellers to make updates to their domain listings seamlessly via secure API communication. Our API allows you to:

  • Add new listings (Premium or Standard)

  • Remove Standard Listings

  • Make Pricing Updates

  • Apply Discounts

  • Update Description, Possible Uses etc

  • Boost Domains (Premium Listings)

  • Add Marketing Exposure (Standard Listings)

  • Download Domain Listings

  • Download Domain Analytics

  • and much more!

Limited Beta

Currently the Squadhelp API is available under a limited Beta and sellers must request approval to access the API.

API Authorization

All requests to Squadhelp APIs require you to authenticate with an API Token. API Tokens identify your seller account and provide a powerful and flexible primitive for managing access to Squadhelp resources.

These API Tokens can be provisioned and regenerated from your dashboard. Click on the API Access from your left menu to access the API page. Here you have an example of the authorization dashboard in a real Squadhelp account.

You can request a new Token or regenerate the API token at any time.

API endpoint

All API requests must be made over HTTPS to the following endpoint:


Calls made over plain HTTP will be redirected to HTTPS.


To authenticate your request, simply append your API key in a query string parameter named "api_token". For example:

curl -X GET "https://www.squadhelp.com/api/marketplace/domains?api_token=2eeb3d34c97142cd&type=premium" -H "accept: application/json"

Documentation & interactive application

The interactive documentation will allow you to test the API without the need of a sandbox environment. Be sure to enter your API Key and select "Try It Out" for any available methods

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