While it is our goal is to extend all benefits of SH platform to our entire seller and creative community, we may move certain accounts to "Not In Good Standing" in case of specific situations.

Here are some reasons why an account may move to "Not In Good Standing" status:

  • Multiple policy violations

  • Delisting of premium domains (or moving the Name servers away from SH) without fulfilling the minimum notice requirement

  • Listing premium domains for sale outside SH platform in violation of our Terms

  • Excessive delisting of premium domains (i.e. More than 15% of your portfolio)

Typically a seller will receive warnings before their account moves to Not in Good Standing status. If your account moves to Not in Good Standing, you will be able to see that information in your account dashboard, and you will no longer have access to certain features and benefits that are only available to Good standing members.

Here are some features and benefits that are only available to Good standing members:

  • Access to sales data and detailed insights

  • Access to discussion forum and/or ability to send messages in contests

  • Reduced commissions for domains listed for 2+ years

  • Marketplace Tier benefits (e.g. Gold, Silver, Platinum status benefits)

  • Ability to pick your own Logo Designer

  • Access to Beta Features that are added from time to time

In some rare situations (e.g. severe policy violations), we may need to suspend certain accounts however our goal is to provide ample warnings whenever possible before taking such an action.

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