There are several ways buyers can find your Standard Listings on

  1. Direct Landing Page Visits (Type-In Traffic)

    When buyers type your domain name URL directly in browser, they will see your domain landing page. Due to strong SEO rankings of, many of the Standard Listing landing pages are also indexed well by Google, so they will likely show up on first page of Google when buyers search for the name in Google. Based on our research, buyers are more likely to Google a name than type it in the browser, therefore visibility in Google results is extremely important.

  2. Exact Search in Premium Marketplace

    If buyers search for the exact name in Premium Marketplace, they will see your Standard listing in the search results. Squadhelp receives more than 2.5 Million unique visitors per month, so this can provide additional exposure for your Standard Listings. In order for the names to be searchable, the name servers must point to

  3. Close Match Search in Premium Marketplace

    If the buyer searches for a keyword that closely matches your name, it may show up in the search results as long as there aren't too many matching premium listings. The premium listings always receive higher priority in search results however if there aren't too many matching premium listings, we will include the relevant Standard Listings in the Search results as well. We only include those listings where name servers are pointing to Squadhelp

There are few other ways in which Standard Listings can be discovered by potential end-users

Exposure Upgrade

If you choose the Exposure Upgrade, your Standard listings are also eligible to be submitted to relevant naming contests that might be active at any given time. In addition, these listings will also be included in our Retargeting Ads, which provides additional exposure for Standard listings

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