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What are benefits of pointing name servers to Squadhelp for Standard Listings
What are benefits of pointing name servers to Squadhelp for Standard Listings

Learn about the additional benefits and exposure that you receive by pointing standard listings to SH name servers

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By adding your domains as Standard Listings, you can create highly optimized landing pages which are packed with a large number of platform features such as AI Descriptions, Flexible Financing Options, 24x7 Buyer Support, Visual Images, Automatic Price Increases and much more. You receive all these features along with full Escrow and transaction support for 7.5% commission, which is one of the lowest commissions in the industry.

By pointing the name servers of your standard listings to SH name servers, your listings become eligible for additional benefits:

  1. Searchable in SH Premium Marketplace: With over 3 Million unique visitors per month, your standard listings can be discovered in our Premium marketplace section when buyers search for exact or close variations of keywords related to your domains. Learn more about how Standard listings are discovered in Premium section.

  2. Automatic AI Descriptions: If you point your Standard listings to SH name servers, they are eligible for Automatic AI descriptions - which means you do not have to generate the descriptions one at a time. This Beta feature is currently available for .com listings

  3. Automatic AI Merchandising: Our AI will generate possible uses, associated emotions as well as root words for your domains. This results in much better exposure and discovery for your domains.

  4. TLD, Website Developed and Crunchbase Alerts: We will automatically keep track of other extensions being registered or developed for your domains. You will receive monthly notifications when new websites are developed in other extensions or when new TLDs are registered or when new companies are added to Crunchbase matching your domain names.

  5. Eligible for Retargeting Benefit: These Standard listings are also eligible to participate in the retargeting benefit, which means that when buyers visit those landing pages, we will start showing ads for your domains to those buyers on various websites. In order to enable the Retargeting benefit, you need to add the Exposure Upgrade option. For a limited time, standard listings above $50K qualify for the Retargeting benefit for no additional cost (as long as the name servers are pointing to SH)

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