In order to ensure high quality of submissions, all new accounts require an initial screening by Squadhelp team. Here are the steps to screen your account: 

  1. When you initially sign up, you will be assigned few "Screening Contests". You can view these contests from your "Assigned Contests" page. 
  2. We recommend submitting a minimum of 10 entries in these contests so that we can properly assess your submission style. 
  3. Once you have submitted 10+ entries, you will see a button to "Request Review of Submissions". 
  4. As soon as you click this button, your submissions will be sent to our branding team for further assessment. 
  5. The assessment phase typically take few days. However since we are currently receiving an extremely high volume of requests , this phase can take as much as few weeks. 
  6. If your account is approved, you will be notified via email and you can begin participating in real contests. Please note that we only approve a small number of accounts per day in order to ensure our contest holders are not overwhelmed with too many submissions.
  7. Initially you will only be able to participate in those contests that are assigned by our platform. 
  8. Once you submit high quality submissions, and accumulate likes, your account will be upgraded to Full Access so you can participate in all contests. 

How do I find out which contests can I participate?

You can go to your assigned contests page to see all the contests currently assigned to you. You need to make sure you are logged in to your account in order to see the list of assigned contests. You should see a light blue “Eligible To Enter” button next to the contest.  If you don't see that button, it means you are not eligible to participate in the contest. Here’s an example of how the Enter Contest button looks:


When will I get full access?

Once you have participated in few contests, we will automatically upgrade your account to full access as long as the quality of your submissions was above a minimum threshold. We evaluate the quality of entries based upon the ratings you receive from Contest Holders. As long as you submit thoughtful entries, which follow the contest brief, your account should get upgraded to full access within the first two weeks of your sign up date.

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