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AI Based Domain Assessment (Beta)
AI Based Domain Assessment (Beta)

Learn about our AI based assessment for premium domains

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We are currently training several AI models to help curate domains that are good fit for our Premium Marketplace.

If our AI models determine that your Standard Listings may be a good fit for Premium Marketplace, we will automatically flag them with these types of alerts on your Standard Listings page:

When you see this indicator, it signifies that the domain has a greater likelihood of being accepted into the Premium Marketplace than usual. On average, domains with this indicator have over a 60% chance of being accepted, which is considerably higher than the 10% acceptance rate for other domains.

How do I view all Standard Listings that may be a good fit for Premium?

From your Standard Listings page, you can select the "Good Fit For Premium" filter to see any listings that have been flagged by our AI as a good fit for premium.

Please keep in mind that our AI scans the listings on a rolling basis, so it is possible you may continue to see additional standard listings identified as a good fit for premium over time. In the future, we may also send email alerts with this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I see this alert, do I still need to submit the domains for Premium review or are the names automatically accepted?

    You would still need to submit the domains for Premium Review. This is just a preliminary indication that there is a fairly high likelihood that the domain will be accepted in the premium Marketplace.

  2. Is there a guarantee that my name will be accepted as Premium?

    No. While there is a fairly high chance of acceptance, it is still possible that your name may not be accepted. Although the AI is quite effective in the evaluating domains, there is still a possibility that the AI assessment may not be accurate. It is important to note that all listings undergo a human review process before being accepted as Premium. This ensures that each domain is carefully evaluated and approved by our team of experts..

  3. If I do not see this indicator on my Standard Listings, does that mean my name is NOT a good for Premium Marketplace?

    Your name may still be good fit for premium marketplace. It is possible that the AI has not been able to assess the domain with high degree of confidence. It is also possible that the AI has not yet evaluated your standard listings, since we are performing these checks in batches. Therefore if you believe your name is a good fit for our Premium Marketplace, we still recommend submitting the domain for Premium review via the standard submission process.

  4. Does this replace Expert Review process?

    All names still go through the Expert Review process. However in some cases, we may fast track the domain for automatic acceptance. The AI evaluation will also help improve the Expert Review process. For example, if a domain receives a strong score by our AI models, our team will perform a secondary review before rejecting the domain, even if the domain does not receive high scores in the Expert Review process.

  5. Do you automatically check this for all Standard Listings?

    We prioritize those Standard Listings where name servers are pointing to Squadhelp. However based upon available system resources, we may also assess other standard listings where the ownership has been verified via TXT records.

    Please keep in mind that this is a Beta feature, and in some cases the AI may not be accurate. We plan to continue training the models to improve the accuracy over time. As the AI models improve over time, this preliminary assessment will help increase the acceptance rates for most sellers, therefore reducing the time, effort and cost (coins) involved in submitting premium listings.

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