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Squadhelp Domain Marketplace allows you to sell your high-quality names to thousands of prospective customers who visit Squadhelp.com every month.

Benefits of Listing on SH Domain Marketplace

Refer to this page to learn about the benefits of listing domains for sale on Squadhelp. Here is a quick summary:

1. Significant Visibility and Exposure:

  • As the largest Naming Platform across the globe, Squadhelp offers you the ability to market your names to thousands of potential buyers every week. 

  • Significant marketing investment by Squadhelp to promote your domains across various marketing channels. 

  • Ability to submit your domains in naming contests. SH platform hosts hundreds of naming contests every month - several of them are looking for premium domains in the 6-figure range. 

2. Powered by AI

  • We have made significant investment in AI to create many tools for sellers to better merchandise their domains. In addition, the buyers are able to leverage our AI to discover the most relevant domains for their use case.

  • Here are some of the AI powered tools that we have built

    • AI Domain Grader: Upload a list of domains to our AI, and get a rapid assessment from the AI about which names will resonate the most with buyers looking for quality brand names

    • Domain Insight Score: Get an objective score on any domain based on 50 plus signals

    • Automatic Domain Descriptions: Get high quality, persuasive descriptions for your domains at the click of a button

    • Automatic Merchandising and Classification: Our AI will automatically come up with possible uses for your domains, emotions that describe your domains, assign root words for your domains. All this helps buyers discover your domains much easily

    • AI Based Dynamic Search: Our search technology uses advanced AI based connections to show the most relevant names to the buyers based upon their browsing history and search intent.

    • Brand Alignment Tool: Buyers can easily determine how well a specific domain fits their specific use case

3. Beautiful Landing Pages

Showcase your domain with a stunning landing page, fully mobile optimized and accented with complimentary visual images.

4. Advanced Seller Tools

We have invested in significant amount of seller tools that allow you to sell your domains faster. Here are few examples:

  • Automatic Price Increases: When our system detects a strong interest in any of your domains, we can automatically schedule a future price increase on that domain. Buyers will see a Price Increase notice, creative a sense of urgency to move quickly.

  • Payment Plans with Downpayment: We can automatically require down payments on longer payment plans. You can also offer early payoff incentives to buyers if they agree to pay off the remaining installments on the domain they purchased.

5. Other Benefits

  • Better Discovery of Names: We have developed advanced AI/ Machine Learning technology to recommend relevant marketplace domains to potential buyers (including contest holders) based on their preferences. This leads to a much better discovery of relevant names, and therefore offers a greater chance to sell your names to prospective buyers.

  • Tracking & Analytics: From your marketplace dashboard, you can see real-time stats related to the number of views, shortlists, etc. You can also make adjustments to your selling price. 

  • AI-Based Smart Recommendations: In addition to our powerful AI technology, Squadhelp has also added a new feature that offers personalized recommendations for your domain portfolio to help increase your domain exposure. Check out our in-depth article to learn more.

  • Ability to communicate with logo designers: This new feature can help strengthen the overall appearance of your domains and encourage interested buyers. Learn more about this effective tool here.

How Much Commission Do You Charge?

We offer a highly competitive commission structure.  

  • For the domains registered by SH, you typically receive 20% to 35% of the final selling price. The exact commission terms are shared with you at the time of approval.  (Note: SH pays for the initial domain registration costs in this case)

Here are the detailed Terms and Conditions of Squadhelp Marketplace: 

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