Squadhelp Domain Marketplace allows you to sell your high-quality names to thousands of prospective customers who visit Squadhelp.com every month.

There are two options to submit to Squadhelp Domain Marketplace:

  • Option 1 - Names You Already Own: Domain Owners can submit their domains into the Squadhelp Marketplace to be listed for sale and marketed to potential buyers.  

  • Option 2 - Available Names that you don't currently own: You can nominate available domains that you previously submitted to Squadhelp naming contests. If approved, Squadhelp will pay for domain registration and list them for sale on your behalf. 

Benefits of Listing on SH Domain Marketplace

1. Significant Visibility and Exposure:

  • As the largest Naming Platform across the globe, Squadhelp offers you the ability to market your names to thousands of potential buyers every week. 

  • Significant marketing investment by Squadhelp to promote your domains across various marketing channels. 

  • Ability to submit your domains in naming contests. SH platform hosts hundreds of naming contests every week - several of them are looking for premium domains in the 6-figure range. 

2. Absolutely No Upfront Costs

  • No cost to list the domain in the Squadhelp marketplace. (Other marketplaces charge $5 to $10 for all approved listings.)

  • Complimentary Logo Design for all listed names. 

  • If you don't yet own the domain name, Squadhelp will even pay for the initial domain registration cost. 

3. Significant Benefits to Buyers (at no additional cost)

  • Complimentary Audience Testing to test names before purchasing ($179 value).

4. Revenue Generating Landing Pages

With this feature, you can earn a referral commission by pointing your domains to SH.

If a buyer comes directly to your landing page by typing your Domain URL, we will keep track of the buyer's visit and their purchase activity for 7 days by storing a "Cookie" on their computer.

If instead of purchasing your domain, the buyer purchases another domain from our Marketplace (belonging to another seller), you will earn a commission.

Read more about this feature in our in-depth help article.

5. Other Benefits

  • Better Discovery of Names: We have developed advanced AI/ Machine Learning technology to recommend relevant marketplace domains to potential buyers (including contest holders) based on their preferences. This leads to a much better discovery of relevant names, and therefore offers a greater chance to sell your names to prospective buyers.

  • Tracking & Analytics: From your marketplace dashboard, you can see real-time stats related to the number of views, shortlists, etc. You can also make adjustments to your selling price. 

  • AI-Based Smart Recommendations: In addition to our powerful AI technology, Squadhelp has also added a new feature that offers personalized recommendations for your domain portfolio to help increase your domain exposure. Check out our in-depth article to learn more.

  • Ability to communicate with logo designers: This new feature can help strengthen the overall appearance of your domains and encourage interested buyers. Learn more about this effective tool here.

How do I submit a domain that I own? 

You can submit domains you own, or you can submit domains that you've already entered into a Squadhelp Contest through your Account. Follow this step-by-step guide

How Much Do I Get Paid?

We offer a highly competitive commission structure.  

  • For the domains registered by SH, you typically receive 20% to 35% of the final selling price. The exact commission terms are shared with you at the time of approval.  (Note: SH pays for the initial domain registration costs in this case)

Are There Any Other Fees?

  • There are no upfront costs to list a name, as well as for all the other benefits mentioned above. 

  • There are no listing fees, no withdrawal fees,  no appraisal fees. Other than the approved commission rate, there are no hidden fees on marketplace sales. 

  • In the case of SH registered domains, you have the option to renew your listing for another year at the originally approved commission rate by paying a $10 fee at the end of the first year. Alternatively, you may be able to avoid paying the $10 fee by accepting a lower commission rate for the next year. 

  • All payments are sent via Paypal or Payoneer (Squadhelp pays any transaction fee charged by Paypal or Payoneer). 

Here are the detailed Terms and Conditions of Squadhelp Marketplace: 

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