The Squadhelp Domain Marketplace allows you to sell your names to potential customers. Read more about how it works here. 

These Terms and Conditions apply to You (the seller) and Squadhelp. 

General Terms & Conditions

  • Squadhelp reserves the right to approve or deny your Marketplace submissions.

  • Until the Domain Transfer is complete, the customers have the ability to cancel their purchase. In that case, the customer's payment will be refunded and you will not receive any compensation. The domain name will be re-listed for sale in the Marketplace. 

  • As long as the domain has not been sold to a customer, you are allowed to submit that name in other contests hosted on

  • Your account must be active and in good standing at the time of domain sale in order for you to receive the compensation. 

  • Squadhelp may design Logos or custom images to promote some of your domains in our Marketplace. Any such Logos or custom images are exclusive property of Squadhelp and can not be reproduced or displayed on third party websites without written permission of Squadhelp.

Commission Structure & Pricing

  • For Squadhelp-owned domains, the typical commission offered to sellers is 25% of selling price (during first year). 

  • For Seller owned domains, the typical commission charged by Squadhelp ranges from 35% of the selling price to 15% of the selling price. Check this page for more details on Commissions and other Benefits. 

  • For Seller owned Domains added to the Marketplace after September 1, 2020, the commission % is based upon the selling price of the domain. Prior to September 1, a fixed commission % was assigned to all domains.

  • Your final commission will be based upon the actual selling price of the domain. The commission will be deposited to your account after the domain has been successfully transferred to the buyer. For example, if the commission rule is SH Receives 30% and the domain sells for $3000, you will receive $2100 commission after it is transferred to the buyer. 

In addition to our commission structure, Squadhelp has recently announced our Revenue Generating Landing Pages.

With this feature, you can earn referral commission by pointing your domains to SH.

If a buyer comes directly to your landing page by typing your Domain URL, we will keep track of the buyer's visit and their purchase activity for 7 days by storing a "Cookie" on their computer.

If, instead of purchasing your domain, the buyer purchases another domain from our Marketplace (belonging to another seller), you will earn a commission.

Read more about this feature in our in depth help article.

  • Note: There are no additional withdrawal fees charged by Squadhelp when you withdraw your funds from domain sales. 

Submitting marketplace domains into contests 

  • You may submit your Premium Domains to contests that allow such submissions. You may also submit Standard Listings to contests if they have the Marketing Exposure enabled.

  • If the marketplace domain is purchased by the contest holder , you will receive the greater of the contest award amount or the domain payout (minus SH commission) as per the selling price of the domain. 

Squadhelp Owned Domains - Terms & Conditions

  • If your Marketplace submission is accepted, Squadhelp will deduct 100 points from your account. 

  • Squadhelp will register the domain name for your entry and as a result will be the owner of record for that domain name. Therefore, you will no longer have the ability to list that domain for sale in other marketplaces (outside platform). 

  • Renewals: Squadhelp will register the domain for a duration of 1 year. At the end of the year, Squadhelp may pay for the domain renewals in lieu of reduced seller commissions. If you wish to keep the original seller commission, you will have the ability to pay a fee of $10 (or $5 plus 500 points) to extend the listing in the SH Domain Marketplace for another year. Please note that these commission rules can be different for different domains (based upon several factors) and you will be able to see the exact rule before deciding on a renewal option.

  • Squadhelp will not be able to transfer the domain ownership back to you under any circumstance. 

  • Squadhelp has complete control & discretion over setting a selling price and discounts for Squadhelp owned domains. Based upon market factors, SH may decide to increase or decrease the price of these domains at any time. 

Seller Owned Domains Terms & Conditions

  • If your listing is approved, you would need to point your domains to the Squadhelp Name Servers (i.e. these domains will be listed exclusively on SH)

  • In case of Seller owned domains, you have the option to submit domains with or without Squadhelp coins. You receive additional benefits with SH coins such as faster review times, partial exclusivity and better commission rates. However if your domains are not approved, the coins are not refundable.

  • In case of Seller Owned domains, SH has limited control on lowering the selling price or offering a discount once the listing has been approved by seller. SH will not reduce the approved selling price by more than $200 (unless that reduction is explicitly approved by the seller. 

  • You can remove your listing at any time by giving us a 7 day notice as long as the domain is not authorized for listing outside Squadhelp via our partial exclusivity option. If the domain is listed for sale outside Squadhelp platform, you must give a 30 day notice to remove the domain.

  • If the domain received an offer or inquiry within last 30 days, you must wait 30 days before requesting a removal of the listing.

  • Excessive or Frequent removal of listings will likely reduce your ability to submit domains in future because SH makes upfront investment in creating logos and promoting the domains.

  • Squadhelp may notify you regarding any offers or inquiries received on the domain. You are under no obligation to accept an offer below the BIN price. Raising the BIN price immediately after an inquiry or offer is received is not allowed. If you raise the BIN price within 7 days of receiving an inquiry or offer, you must notify the SH team and provide at least 72 hours window to allow the buyer to complete the purchase at the original BIN price.

  • If you remove the listing, you do not own any rights to the logo created by the SH team.

  • Selling any of your domains outside SH platform while your listing is active at SH is a direct violation of our Terms of Service. 

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