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Domain Marketplace for Sellers
Domain Marketplace for Sellers

Everything you need to learn about listing a domain on Squadhelp's Domain Marketplace

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AI Based Domain Assessment (Beta)
What are benefits of pointing name servers to Squadhelp for Standard Listings
How are Standard/ WLM Listings discovered in the Marketplace
What Is The Squadhelp Domain Marketplace?
What are Standard and Premium Listings?
Domain Marketplace - Terms & Conditions (For Sellers)
Marketplace Domain Installments - Terms for Sellers
Submitting domains with or without Coins?
Related Keywords For Domains
Import a Lead for Premium Listings
Standard Listings - Discovery & Search in Premium Marketplace
Syndication & Exposure For Your Domains via Sedo & Sedo MLS Network
Automatic Notifications When Websites Are Developed
Early Payoff Incentives for Payment Plans
Variable Commission Model - Premium Domains
Portfolio Privacy Options
Hide Other Domain Recommendations on Landing Pages
Get Paid via Bank/ Wire Transfer
Keeping your account in Good Standing
Squadhelp API Access
Ability to Block a Logo Designer
How to add Geo Listings to Geo Domain Marketplace
Premium Domain Exposure: Contest Submission Incentives For Creatives
Account Beneficiary & Pulse Checks
Automatic Price Increases
Flexible Financing Option For Sellers
How To Improve Your Domain Acceptance Rate In The Premium Marketplace
Marketplace Sellers: Work with your Favorite Logo Designers
Payouts and Policies for Marketplace Logo Designers
Revenue Generating Landing Pages (Beta)
How do you handle Bulk Portfolio Submissions?
AI-Based Smart Categorization (Beta)
What is Annualized Sell-through Rate (STR)?
AI-Based Smart Recommendations For Your Domain Portfolio
Premium Marketplace - Acceptance Guidelines
Curated Discovery Polls For Marketplace
What is Expert Review Score?
Domain Classification Service Guide
Expert Domain Reviews
Logo Designers: How to upload Logos for Marketplace Domains
Domain Classification Best Practices
Marketplace Logo Design Guidelines
How to Increase the Visibility and Sell-Through Rate of your Marketplace Domains
Expert Domain Classification Service
Rules For Transferring Ownership of Your Domains to Squadhelp
Instructions to Push Domains to SH Escrow Account
Upload Your Own Logos To Marketplace
Domain Marketplace - Entry Submission Policies
What are Squadhelp Coins?
Marketplace Rules For Sellers
How Do I Get Complimentary Squadhelp Coins?
Allow other creatives to pitch your Marketplace Domains to contests
For Sellers: Rate Logos In Marketplace
For Sellers: How do I request a redesign for Marketplace Logo?
Squadhelp Marketplace - Make An Offer Feature
Boost the Ranking of Marketplace Domains
How To Improve the Discovery of Your Names In The Marketplace
Embeddable Catalog Widgets
Wholesale Marketplace & Portfolio Sales
Can I Transfer My Domain to Another Seller?
Sellers: How to Update Your Name Servers
What is an Ultra-Premium Domain?
Ultra Premium Marketplace - Terms & Conditions (For Sellers)
Stay in the Loop with Realtime Updates via Telegram or Slack
Import Your Domains Directly From Registars (Beta)
Flexible Payment Plans With down payments